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Having a well manicured lawn takes a lot of time and effort. Even homeowners who enjoy planting and gardening can feel overwhelmed with the amount of work involved with keeping their lawns in good condition. 

If you are looking for the best lawn maintenance service in Parker and Tarrant County TX, then Maverick Outdoors LLC is the best choice for you. Mavericks are visionaries who want to achieve what’s never been achieved before and this is the kind of service we wish to provide our clients. Maverick Outdoors LLC is the perfect lawn maintenance partner for residential and commercial lawn owners in Aledo, Hudson Oaks, Springtown, Weatherford, and Willow Park Texas. 

Best Services for Lawn Maintenance from Maverick Outdoors LLC

At Maverick Outdoors LLC, we know the importance of hard work that’s needed to have healthy, green lawns. A lush, well maintained lawn does not only boost property value and curb appeal but also provides a quality outdoor space that can improve people’s well-being and their environment. Our team of lawn care specialists has the experience and skills necessary to make sure your lawns will be at its best and stay at its best. We provide all around lawn maintenance work, which includes:

    • Lawn Mowing – Proper lawn mowing is key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Cutting grass encourages it to grow thicker and it blocks out weeds, making the lawn look more luxurious and healthy. Mowing frequency, cutting heights, and lawn mower maintenance are all important factors in keeping your lawn looking good. Maverick Outdoors LLC can handle all these factors, so you would only have to worry about the multiple ways you can enjoy your beautifully tended lawns.
  • Fertilizer Programs – Fertilization is important for lawns. Soil, sun, and water provide some nutrients, but fertilizer can supplement the balance of nutrients your lawn needs to be healthy, lush, and green. Maverick’s 7 step fertilization program allows for a deep healthy root system, which keeps your lawn looking great all year long. Your lawns have different fertilization needs depending on the month and season. Our 7 step fertilization program assures that those needs are met!
  • Aeration – Aeration creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water, and nutrients can reach grass roots. Compacted soil can inhibit the flow of essential nutrients your grass needs to grow healthily. Our team at Maverick Outdoors LLC are equipped with all the tools, skills, and experience necessary to aerate your lawns properly to assure that your green can achieve a lush, healthy growth.
  • Dethatching – Thatches are layers of organic debris that accumulates on a lawn around the base of the grass plants. Some organic matter, such as small grass clippings or mulched leaves, break down quickly in healthy lawns, but other materials take much longer to decompose. When buildup outpaces breakdown, your lawn’s thatch layer grows thicker. But no need to fret, trust that Maverick Outdoors LLC can dethatch your lawns no matter how thick they grow.

Trust the Lawn Care Professionals at Maverick Outdoors LLC

At Maverick Outdoors LLC, we provide each service with the Maverick standard of quality – professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results, making us the top-choice for residential and commercial owners in Aledo, Hudson Oaks, Springtown, Weatherford, and Willow Park Texas. Let us transform your lawns into Maverick lawns!

Maverick Outdoor LLC can be your partner for all your lawn maintenance, landscaping, gutter cleaning, outdoor lighting and pressure washing needs. To get a quote or inquire more about Maverick Outdoors LLC’s services call us at 682-229-8980 or send us an email at

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Maverick Outdoors LLC was founded out of necessity in 2018 and is a family-owned lawn care and landscaping professional serving residential and commercial clients in Weatherford, TX and surrounding areas in Parker/Tarrant Counties.

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